Physis Art Residency, Samos, Greece

Excerpt from the work I realized during PHYSIS Art Residency curated by Andrea Conrad and supported by Goethe Institut. Samos Island, September 2015.

For souls it is to die to become water
for water it is to die to become earth
from earth water is being born
from water soul

from The limits of the soul by Heraclitus


Physis is the Greek term for Nature. According to Pythagoras view, the fundamental balance that regulates its structure is identified in the idea of harmony. Harmony, assembling and sustaining the contradictions that compose the Cosmos, connects all beings under common rules and unifies them in an order that continuously changes but preserves itself intact, always renovating. Aim of my speculation occurred in Samos island , was to give form and color to the perpetual transformation of Physis. Through the photographic medium, In order to define the infinite cycles of birth, metamorphoses and destruction that belong to the real world, I made use of experimental and wrong exposures on dusted and scratched negatives surfaces and combined them in a sequence that intends to represent the overall equilibrium embodied in the concept of harmony and the role that human beings has covered today in relation to it.