Le Soleil en Voyance, Workshop, St-Louis, Senegal

From the 6th to the 20th of March , together with the team of Le Chateau Audiovisual Studio, I will be hosting a weekend´s workshop on Photography intended as Visual Poetic. Participants are invited to join us to explore and exchange perspectives on subjective photography and how it can relate to the poem concept. During the encounters we will together discuss the general notions of composition, light, space and subject in photography with a short introduction on analog devices. After defining the theme of the laboratory according to the group preferences we will create a series of images inspired by senegalese culture. Focus will be given on the individual experience and its perception of symbols in everyday life. The final assemblage of photographs is expected to place emphasis on the emotional factor that elapses between the participants and surrounding reality. A presentation of the research will be shown to the public on the 20th of March.