Atmosfere, Interview on The Melon Magazine

A lovely interview on “Atmosfere” Project was featured on The Melon Online Magazine.

Click HERE the interview and HERE you can see the photographic series on The Melon Magazine Instagram page.

  1. Who you are and what you aim at with this project?

Humans Collecting Memories is a label created by Giovanni Di Giandomenico and Aladin Ilou in 2016. It’s based in Paris and Palermo. HCM is a creative project about musical production, artistic research and experimentation. Our platform stands as a crossroad where research, informations and communion between the arts can flourish naturally. Atmosfere is a multimedia project including music, photography and an artistic creative research about isolation and social retreat. Our aim was to explore the nuances of the individual’s inner world in relationships with all the external world’s dynamics and micro/macro social communities.

  • 2. How the project Atmosfere came to mind?

Atmosfere was started in 2017 while we were both living in Berlin. It’s a sound diary about feelings and behaviors of individuals who have lost a real perception of the reality. It explores the exact moment when an individual starts to interpret the external world as part of his deepest inner imagery. In this situation there is no more possibility to have a balance between internal atmospheres and reality. Internal world incorporates all perceptions of external environments. Everything becomes atmosphere.

  • 3. We are curious about the choice of using analogic instead of digital.

We chose to collaborate with Francesca La Franca also for this reason. She is a photographer who mainly works analogically. While her visual conception was moving in parallel to our research, her existentialist approach to image-making showed to have a strong adherence to the theme we were investigating.
Francesca said “Taking, developing and printing photographs today is not just a nostalgic way to recall an old-fashioned memory or dig into a past that does not return. It is a process of dedication that from a search for the self turns into a profound meditation and comprehension of the outer world. In a scenario in which the clock hysterically tickles, images arise in our smartphones, live on social networks and die in our screens, while reflection seems to have become obsolete, doing analog photography is a statement for

  • Why is this topic so important to you?

In conceiving atmosfere the starting point was to inward-looking at ourselves and processing our memories in relation to the present and in synthesis with the real. Atmosfere is a study of human being that intend to evoke a reflection on its nature and leave space to rethink todays fear of being alone.—————————————————————————————————
Project by HCM ( / Giovanni Di Giandomenico (@giovannidigiandomenic)
and Aladin Ilou (@aladin_ilou)
Photo collection by Francesca La Franca (@abraq_adhabra)
Packaging design by Antonio Cusimano (@3112htm)
Packaging developed by Edizioni Precarie (@edizioniprecarie)